Medical Imaging Systems

  • Software architecture, development, team management, and motion control firmware authoring for 3D X-ray imaging device
  • Developed communications architecture for all parts of a 2-PC system
  • Developed client-side interfaces to custom boards, motion controllers, X-ray generator, and frame grabber
  • Developed code to orchestrate real-time image capture, 3D reconstruction, and display
  • Windows, C++, C# .NET, Elmo motion control language, WPF & Windows Forms  UI

Industrial X-ray Systems

  • Architected and developed software for X-ray fluorescence (XRF) based measurement systems
  • Wrote interfaces to devices: X-ray generator, X-ray detector, motion controllers, and webcams
  • Wrote front-end for scan set-up and display of results
  • Windows, C# .NET, Managed C++ .NET

Visualization & Virtual Reality

  • Developed various device drivers and other small enhancements for open-source VR Juggler project.
  • Developed a network collaboration plugin for a VR application.
  • Developed various MotionBuilder plugins for motion data, networking, webcam display, and physics.
  • CFD Modeling Software API integration
    • Wrote 3D display engine
    • Developed a replacement SOAP Library to aid migration to 64-bit
    • Windows, C# .NET, OpenSceneGraph
  • Developed video-based augmented reality software for use on an ultra-mobile PC
  • Ongoing: Installation, configuration, and maintenance of Linux VR clusters
  • Cluster-based visualization software development for various types of data, including
    • Maya
    • SolidEdge
    • CAD applications with JT export