LS-PrePost-VR is a VR version of Livermore Software Technology Corporation's LS-PrePost. Users of LS-PrePost-VR can view and interact with LS-DYNA finite element analysis data in an immersive 3D environment.

Fully Immersive 

LS-PrePost-VR supports VR systems of all scales, from head-mounted displays to large-screen VR clusters. Interaction is via a 6 degree-of-freedom tracked wand.

Fully Functional

LS-PrePost-Remote software can control the virtual environment from a PC or tablet. Users familiar with the desktop software will easily transition to controlling the VR display.


LS-PrePost-VR and LS-PrePost-Remote are based on Inv3rsion's SinterPointâ„¢ architecture, which enables sharing sessions over a network. This allows for a flexible combination of desktop and VR systems sharing the same environment.

How to Get it

We offer several different levels of installation and support services.  For information on installation, training, and support for LS-PrePost-VR, please contact us.