INV3RSION (pronounced "inversion") was founded in 2003 with a mission to apply 3D visualization to scientific and engineering problems.  We've worked with academic institutions, Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and startups to help them realize their goals.  We've taken on projects in their entirety, and we've augmented existing teams.



The word "inversion" has a dual meaning: It is the name of a mathematical operation encountered in 3D matrix math, and it also means "to turn inside out or upside down". We feel that our name conveys both our 3D programming skills and the innovative solutions that we produce.



Medical Imaging Systems

  • Software architecture, development, team management, and motion control firmware authoring for 3D X-ray imaging device
  • Developed communications architecture for all parts of a 2-PC system
  • Developed client-side interfaces to custom boards, motion controllers, X-ray generator, and frame grabber
  • Developed code to orchestrate real-time image capture, 3D reconstruction, and display
  • Windows, C++, C# .NET, Elmo motion control language, WPF & Windows Forms  UI

Industrial X-ray Systems

  • Architected and developed software for X-ray fluorescence (XRF) based measurement systems
  • Wrote interfaces to devices: X-ray generator, X-ray detector, motion controllers, and webcams
  • Wrote front-end for scan set-up and display of results
  • Windows, C# .NET, Managed C++ .NET

Visualization & Virtual Reality

  • Developed various device drivers and other small enhancements for open-source VR Juggler project.
  • Developed a network collaboration plugin for a VR application.
  • Developed various MotionBuilder plugins for motion data, networking, webcam display, and physics.
  • CFD Modeling Software API integration
    • Wrote 3D display engine
    • Developed a replacement SOAP Library to aid migration to 64-bit
    • Windows, C# .NET, OpenSceneGraph
  • Developed video-based augmented reality software for use on an ultra-mobile PC
  • Ongoing: Installation, configuration, and maintenance of Linux VR clusters
  • Cluster-based visualization software development for various types of data, including
    • Maya
    • SolidEdge
    • CAD applications with JT export