Custom Application Development

Much of the work we do has a common thread: unique hardware.  We have worked with augmented reality systems, virtual reality clusters, one-of-a-kind research systems, medical devices, and industrial devices.  We understand human-computer interfaces, multi-computer solutions to problems, and interfaces to hardware.  We have experience across several platforms and languages, and we can design and develop a solution to meet your needs.


We have developed solutions involving multiple computers, commercial and custom IO devices, X-rays, image capture, and motion control.   We can take a system from concept to reality, or we can dive into an existing project to assist in development.



We have honed a methodology to port desktop applications to immersive virtual reality simulations. Using our methods and expertise, we can bring existing software to a new level by adding cluster-based visualization capabilities. At the same time, we strive to preserve a familiar user interface to reduce the learning curve in transitioning to virtual environments.


We offer support for installed systems and applications. We can provide full-time on-site support or remote support options.








LS-PrePost-VR is a VR version of Livermore Software Technology Corporation's LS-PrePost. Users of LS-PrePost-VR can view and interact with LS-DYNA finite element analysis data in an immersive 3D environment.

Fully Immersive 

LS-PrePost-VR supports VR systems of all scales, from head-mounted displays to large-screen VR clusters. Interaction is via a 6 degree-of-freedom tracked wand.

Fully Functional

LS-PrePost-Remote software can control the virtual environment from a PC or tablet. Users familiar with the desktop software will easily transition to controlling the VR display.


LS-PrePost-VR and LS-PrePost-Remote are based on Inv3rsion's SinterPoint™ architecture, which enables sharing sessions over a network. This allows for a flexible combination of desktop and VR systems sharing the same environment.

How to Get it

We offer several different levels of installation and support services.  For information on installation, training, and support for LS-PrePost-VR, please contact us.



Conjure is an immersive VR viewer for CAD data and VRML animation files.  It scales to any size VR system.


Navigation through scenes is easy with a 6-DOF wand as an input device.  Simple menus enable exploration of data.


Extend Conjure functionality through plug-ins:

  • Up Collaboration links multiple VR systems into a shared environment
  • Up Issues records issues captured in a design review
Conjure running in a VisBox VisCube driven by a Linux cluster.

Conjure running in a VisBox VisCube driven by a Linux cluster.

How to Get It

Contact us for availability and pricing.

JT Launcher

JT Launcher converts JT files, a Siemens standard CAD visualization format, to OpenSceneGraph files.  The converter has a simple UI, and can be used in conjunction with Conjurer VR or as a general-purpose conversion tool.

Contact us for availability and pricing.