Custom Application Development

Much of the work we do has a common thread: unique hardware.  We have worked with augmented reality systems, virtual reality clusters, one-of-a-kind research systems, medical devices, and industrial devices.  We understand human-computer interfaces, multi-computer solutions to problems, and interfaces to hardware.  We have experience across several platforms and languages, and we can design and develop a solution to meet your needs.


We have developed solutions involving multiple computers, commercial and custom IO devices, X-rays, image capture, and motion control.   We can take a system from concept to reality, or we can dive into an existing project to assist in development.



We have honed a methodology to port desktop applications to immersive virtual reality simulations. Using our methods and expertise, we can bring existing software to a new level by adding cluster-based visualization capabilities. At the same time, we strive to preserve a familiar user interface to reduce the learning curve in transitioning to virtual environments.


We offer support for installed systems and applications. We can provide full-time on-site support or remote support options.